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High Elasticity:
Stretch Resistance

Thick Design:
Puncture Resistant

Sealed &Waterproof:
Care for Your Hands

Latex and allergy free:

These gloves have latex free materials that are useful for those people who have allergy to the latex. 

Puncture resistant:

Nitrile gloves are specifically manufactured in a puncture-proof technology. 

Full-proof sensitivity:

These are produced to fulfill sensitivity requirements.

CHOOSE THE BEST GLOVE TYPE FOR YOUR CHEMICAL:- best chemical glove chart ,CHOOSE THE BEST GLOVE TYPE FOR YOUR CHEMICAL: Chemical Name. NFPA Health Rating Nitrile. Natural Rubber Latex. Recommended AlternateVWR North Safety Hand Protection Chemical Resistance Guideworkplace hazards. Glove and Apparel materials do not provide unlimited protection against all chemicals. It is the users responsibility to determine before use that the Glove and Apparel will resist permeation and degradation by the chemicals (including chemical mixtures) in …

Choosing the Right Chemical Resistant Gloves - Quick Tips ...

If that information is not on the SDS, then refer to the glove manufacturers’ chemical resistance guides and select the glove with the best rating for the anticipated exposure. The glove manufacturers’ test data is generally from a laboratory environment and with one specific chemical.

Ansell Permeation Chart 8th Edition - Magid Glove

The first square in each column for each glove type is color coded to provide an overall rating for both Degradation and Permeation. The letter in each colored square is for Degradation alone. GREEN: The glove is very well suited for applicationwith that chemical. YELLOW: The glove is suitable for that applicationunder careful control of its use.

Chemical Resistant Gloves | Butyl, Neoprene | Fisher ...

No single glove meets the PPE needs for all chemical exposures. Use the manufacturer’s test results to help select the right gloves and check ratings. Shop for chemical resistant gloves, Sol-Knit Gloves, safety gloves, eye protection safety signage, chemical splash goggles, faceshields, and other personal protective equipment (PPE).

Gloves: chemical resistance and comparision charts ...

Nitrile gloves are preferred over latex because of their chemical resistance, their tendency to visibly rip when punctured, and to prevent possible latex allergies. See the Glove Selection Chart below for advantages and disadvantages of commonly used surgical-type gloves.

What is the Best Material for Chemical Resistant Gloves ...

Jul 07, 2016·Our choice of gloves includes three of the most commonly used materials (especially for disposable/lab gloves): nitrile gloves, latex gloves and vinyl gloves. To check which gloves are best for your needs, please find the chemicals that you wish to protect against and see the suitability in our chart!

NIOSH Recommendations for Chemical Protective Clothing A …

†Bold type indicates a change from or an addition to what is published in the NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards, June 1997 Edition.Recommended protective clothing barriers *. Butyl = Butyl Rubber (Gloves, Suits, Boots) Natural = Natural Rubber (Gloves) Neoprene = Neoprene Rubber (Gloves, Suits, Boots) Nitrile = Nitrile Rubber (Gloves, Suits, Boots) PE = Polyethylene (Gloves, Suits ...

Glove Chemical Resistance Chart* - Sempermed USA

Glove Chemical Resistance Chart* *This chart is provided as a guideline only. It does not suggest that any Sempermed® glove has been tested for use with the chemical listed.

Chemical Resistance Guide

Chemical Resistance Guide KIMBERLY-CLARK* Nitrile Gloves A glove/chemical combination receives a YELLOW rating if: • Any glove/chemical combina-tion does not meet either set of conditions required for a GREEN or RED rating. A glove/chemical combination receives a RED rating if: • The permeation breakthrough time is poor and the chemical

Chemical Compatibility Guide for Gloves

MAPA Gloves PIP Gloves, Memphis Gloves Best Gloves North Safety Gloves. An important consideration when choosing a protective glove for working with chemicals is how the specific chemical reacts with the glove material. A MSDS that only specifies an “acid-resistant glove” is misleading because one glove material may work fine with ...

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Oct 17, 2018·Occupational safety and health types of disposable gloves pared fact sheet disposable nitrile gloves protective gloves types training Hand Protection S Disposable Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves All SafetyFact Sheet Disposable Nitrile Gloves In Chemical Labs PennehrsPpt Hand Protection Powerpoint Ation Id 1642613Osha Publishes Ebola Ppe Matrix 2016 12 03 Safety HealthEndix G …

Fact Sheet: Disposable Nitrile Gloves in Chemical Labs ...

A glove that is too large may compromise dexterity and may also become more easily damaged during use. Use the manufacturer's size chart to choose an appropriate fit. Removing gloves carefully. Glove removal (or "doffing") must be done carefully to avoid contact with the outside of the glove.

Glove Selection Guide - Purdue University

Glove Type Photo Use Type Advantages Disadvantages Nitrile, Disposable contact use Incidental chemical contact use only many organic solvents, oilGeneral lab chemical use many halogenated solventsCommonly used in the medical field Good general lab use glove, adequate protection from s, greases, and some acids and bases


CHEMICAL CHART The following chart is intended to be used as an ‘at-a-glance’ tool only. It was designed to get you started in the selection process, which can be very complex when it comes to choosing the right chemical-resistant glove. For more information contact us at [email protected] ACETALDEHYDE Excellent • Poor Fair


NOTE: This chemical resistant chart is presented as a guide only. This does not consider permeability of glove, chemical combinations, temperature, length of time that glove is in contact with the chemical and thickness of glove. These factors will alter or affect the performance of glove. Recommend actual on-the-job testing of glove.

Ansell Permeation Chart 8th Edition - Magid Glove

The first square in each column for each glove type is color coded to provide an overall rating for both Degradation and Permeation. The letter in each colored square is for Degradation alone. GREEN: The glove is very well suited for applicationwith that chemical. YELLOW: The glove is suitable for that applicationunder careful control of its use.


Size Hand circumference Cuff colour XXS 5 137 mm Pink XS 6 152 mm Purple S 7 178 mm Red M 8 203 mm Yellow L 9 229 mm Brown XL 10 254 mm Black XXL 11 279 mm Light blue XXXL 12 295 mm Green 1. METHOD 1 - CIRCUMFERENCE FIND THE RIGHT GLOVE SIZE Correct sizing is essential for ensuring glove comfort.

Chemical and Liquid Resistant Gloves Buying Guide | Magid

D GLOVES Chemical and Liquid Resistant Gloves GLOVES Selecting the right chemical glove depends on the specific work conditions, processes, chemical types and duration of the chemical exposure. Magid® provides a complete line of chemical resistant gloves with materials, constructions and features for every application.

Amazon Best Sellers: Best Chemical Resistant Gloves

Pacific PPE 2Pairs Chemical Resistant Gloves Nitrile Flocked Chemical Protective Gloves Resist Strong Acid, Alkali,Latex Free Safety 15mil Thick Work Gloves 12.6Inch XL …

All Chemical Resistant Gloves -

All Chemical Resistant Gloves. The Safety Gloves range of Chemical Resistant Gloves contains a wide range of gloves that are suitable for the handling of chemicals. Our range of Chemical Resistant Gloves includes a number of materially different gloves including latex gloves, rubber gloves and vinyl gloves. For any more information regarding our range of Chemical Resistant Gloves, please ...


PROTECTIVE GLOVE PROPERTIES CHART POLYMER GLOVE TYPE ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES USE AGAINST THESE CHEMICALS Natural Rubber (latex) Generally unsupported Low cost; good, physical. ... chemical resistance than natural rubber for some chemicals. Physical properties frequently inferior to natural rubber. Same as natural rubber PVC (vinyl)

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Chemical Resistant (190) Cut Resistant Gloves (268) Disposable Gloves (73) Fabric Work Gloves (132) Hi Performance Glove (65) Leather Drivers (54) Leather Palm Gloves (97) Parade Gloves (11) Protection From Cold (82) Protection From Heat (60) SeamlessGlove Coated (186) SeamlessGlove NoCoat (34) Head Protection (131) Bump Caps (12) FR Hoods (7)

5 Best Chemical-Resistant Work Gloves - Jan. 2021 ...

Selecting the best chemical-resistant work gloves to protect those hands is difficult since the right choice depends on the types of chemicals and the general environment. Because these gloves come with different barrier materials and thicknesses, you should think about your particular needs.

10 Best Chemical-Resistant Gloves Reviewed & Rated in 2021

It is best to base glove material selection on the manufacturer's chemical resistance guide. From the guide, choose a glove that is most resistant to the chemicals being used. Remember, section 8 of the SDS will not be brand specific, so the actual chemical compatibility of a given glove material can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Safety Center Company - Chemical Glove Guide

* Despite high breakthrough time, degradation might occur prematurely. Only recommended as splash protection. CAS registry numbers are unique numerical identifiers for chemical elements, compounds, polymers, biological sequences, mixtures and alloys CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service), a division of the American Chemical Society, assigns these identifiers to every chemical.