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medical hospital disposable gloves中文翻译

High Elasticity:
Stretch Resistance

Thick Design:
Puncture Resistant

Sealed &Waterproof:
Care for Your Hands

Latex and allergy free:

These gloves have latex free materials that are useful for those people who have allergy to the latex. 

Puncture resistant:

Nitrile gloves are specifically manufactured in a puncture-proof technology. 

Full-proof sensitivity:

These are produced to fulfill sensitivity requirements.

cotton gauze - 英中 – Linguee词典- medical hospital disposable gloves中文翻译 ,大量翻译例句关于"cotton gauze" – 英中词典以及8百万条中文 ... safety scissors, and disposable gloves etc. ... Finally, a few different medical supplies such as gloves, bandages, antibacterial cream like Bactroban or Neosporin, ...Google TranslateGoogle's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages.



disposable surgical - 英中 – Linguee词典

大量翻译例句关于"disposable surgical" – 英中词典以及8百万条中文译文例句搜索。

统计学英文翻译术语 - Douban

Mar 20, 2014·英文名稱 中文名稱 版權 'epsem' sampling 等機率選擇抽樣法 pluiepoco 'k'-class estimator k類估計量 pluiepoco 'O' statistics O統計量 pluiepoco 'Round Robin' design Round Robin設計 pluiepoco 'shorth' 最短一半樣本均值 pluiepoco 'STER' distribution 'STER'分布 pluiepoco 'U' statistics U統計量 pluiepoco 'W' statistic W統計量 pluiepoco 'W' test for normality W ...



《抗击新冠肺炎疫情的中国行动》白皮书专业术语英语翻译_【山东译 …

(一)组织机构 1.中央应对新型冠状病毒感染肺炎疫情工作领导小组(中央应对疫情工作领导小组) Central Leading Group for Novel Coronavirus Prevention and Control 2.中央指导组 Central Steering Group 3.督导组 inspection team 4.联络组 inter-departmental contact group 5.国务院联防联控机制 The Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State ...




medical waste disposal capacity. 91.医疗废物日产日清 to ensure that medical waste is treated on a daily basis. 92.心理创伤 psychological trauma. 93.默哀三分钟 to observe three minutes of silence to mourn the deceased. 94.全国哀悼日 a national day of mourning. 95.哀悼抗击肺炎疫情牺牲烈士和逝世同胞


In the discussion which followed Mr. Muirhead mentioned in terms of encomium the medical work that has been carried on for some years by Dr. Johnston, in connection with the Chinese hospital in Shanghai ; and Mr. Baldwin gave a statement of the very successful and valuable labours of Miss Trask, 44 M.D., among the women of Foochow.

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全部送给大家:新型冠状病毒翻译热词/常用短语系列 - 哔哩哔哩

医用一次性防护服Medical disposable protective clothing. 一次性使用医用橡胶检查手套Disposbale latex examination gloves. 橡胶溶液制手套gloves made from rubber solution. 一次性使用灭菌橡胶外科手套Disposable sterile rubber surgical gloves. 医用靴套 Medical boot cover set


It's the daily sight of cheap disposable gloves and masks thrown away in the streets of her neighborhood that convinced her to start producing her own during the health crisis. Vanessa Colignon是布鲁塞尔的一名纺织品和时装设计师,多年来一直致力于零废物项目,使用可持续发展的当地生产商提供 …


It's the daily sight of cheap disposable gloves and masks thrown away in the streets of her neighborhood that convinced her to start producing her own during the health crisis. Vanessa Colignon是布鲁塞尔的一名纺织品和时装设计师,多年来一直致力于零废物项目,使用可持续发展的当地生产商提供 …


、更加深刻地理解词汇(中文和英文并非就真能一一对应,很多词非常微妙,细微差别在中文翻 译中体察不出来) 、更加全面地掌握单词的各种搭配以及切合语境的应用(动词和介词如何搭配?形容词如何用更 …

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Needle injuries to medical students often go unreported

The study advises doctors to protect their hands by wearing two sets of gloves. It also urges hospitals to establish a special telephone number for medical workers and students to call if they are injured. The idea is for hospitals to send a clear message that there is no reason not to report this kind of accident.

实验室的管理文件翻译中英文对照 - 华译网 ...

华译网北京翻译公司翻译过大量有关实验室的管理的文件资料,Beijing Chinese Translation Service Company has translated many technical documents about Laboratory Management公司年度工作总结英语类翻译范本、会计专业毕业论文英文翻译版本


并附《公共场所医疗卫生通用标识 的英文译法(草案)》和《公共场所医疗卫生双语标识英文译法 实施指南(草案)》,供整改时参考。 执行中如有问题,请及时函告市卫生局宣传处(电话: 85912530)。


medical store inventory no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8a 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 19a 20 23 24 25 26 27 27 30 31 32 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 description unit tab tab tab ...

新型冠状病毒肺炎 COVID-19的英语翻译

医疗物资 medical supplies. 诊断器具 diagnostic tool/kit. 面罩 protective screen. 口罩 (face) mask. N95口罩 N95 mask/respirator. 医用外科口罩 surgical mask. 防护服 protective gowns /clothing /gear /suits. 护目镜 goggles. 一次性手套 disposable gloves. 消毒剂 disinfectant. 消毒液 disinfectant; antiseptic solution

新冠病毒疫情防控相关词汇(转) - 知乎

156.一次性手套 disposable gloves. 157.负压救护车 negative pressure ambulance. 七、其他医学名词. 158.国际卫生条例 International Health Regulations (IHR) 159.流行病学 epidemiology. 160.流行病学调查(流调) epidemiological investigation . 161.呼吸器官 respiratory organs. 162.呼吸道 respiratory tract

英语翻译_《实习医生格雷》《好医生》等剧开始捐出医疗用品_沪 …

The Atlanta-based medical drama donated gowns, masks, and gloves to Grady Memorial Hospital to kick off this noble trend. Dr. Karen Law, a rheumatologist at the hospital, thanked the generous cast and crew with an Instagram post which detailed the donation.

7月新闻热词汇总[2] - China Daily

Encourage private investment in the medical sector and prioritize supporting nonprofit hospitals run by private investors. Allow doctors to have a license to work in more than one hospital. Allow medical insurance to cover private hospitals)。

【原创】老鸟之路 - 精准化定位客户(连载)-料神SAM-外贸社区|外 …

Jan 14, 2021·As a leader in the medical examination glove marketplace, Microflex designs gloves to meet or exceed the expectations our customers hold.HistorySince 1987, Microflex has been a leader in the disposable glove marketplace. 可以看到,网站说自己 Microflex是全球医疗检查手套的 Leader。从1987年就开始做一次性手套生意了。