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High Elasticity:
Stretch Resistance

Thick Design:
Puncture Resistant

Sealed &Waterproof:
Care for Your Hands

Latex and allergy free:

These gloves have latex free materials that are useful for those people who have allergy to the latex. 

Puncture resistant:

Nitrile gloves are specifically manufactured in a puncture-proof technology. 

Full-proof sensitivity:

These are produced to fulfill sensitivity requirements.

Skin Reactions to Gloves - Mun Global- vinyl glove allergy reactions pdf ,Skin reactions and allergic responses to glove usage can be a serious health concern. This is particularly evident in healthcare, hospitality, veterinary and life science industries, where people use latex or nitrile gloves on a daily basis over a long period time. Both allergic and non-allergic reactions that are associated with glove usage can be discomforting, distracting and in severe ...It’s all in the gloves: Developing a dental office ...Latex-free items in each operatory (gloves, prophy cups, and rubber dam) Bringing awareness to latex allergies in the dental office can be achieved through marketing an educational program using materials such as pamphlets and videos, highlighting the potential risks and symptoms of latex allergies.

How to Get Rid of Latex Allergy Rash? 10 Proven Methods

Latex is rubber gloves or medical devices that are used during the operations by the professionals. This latex becomes the reason for allergy when you will use it over and over again. This latex allergy comes in the shape of rashes on the skin that cause itching and burning of the skin. This problem of latex allergy is nowadays increasing day ...

Allergic Reaction to Latex from Stopper of a Medication ...

Latex hypersensitivity is now recognized as a potential cause of intraoperative anaphylaxis .Patients at risk for latex allergy include children with myelodysplasia or congenital urologic anomalies, sensitized health care personnel, and rubber factory workers .Latex-sensitive patients can be anesthetized safely if precautions are taken to remove all latex-based products from contact with the ...

Laboratory Safety Latex Allergy - Occupational Safety and ...

Latex Allergy The most common cause of latex allergy in laboratory workers is direct contact with latex, a natural substance used in making disposable gloves and other products. Some workers are sensitive to latex. Reactions range from localized skin irritation to immediate, possibly life-threatening reactions.

Allergic Reactions to Latex Gloves | MedTrainer

May 22, 2014·A recent Medical College of Wisconsin study noted that the best way to prevent sensitization to latex that leads to allergic reaction is to simply stop using powdered latex gloves. If this is done, allergens in the air and air ducts is reduced greatly and helps to prevent sensitization.

Latex Allergy FactSheet - Texas Department of Insurance

Latex gloves have proven to be effective in prevent-ing transmission of many infectious diseases to health care workers. But for some workers, exposures to latex may result in allergic reactions. Reports of such reac-tions have increased in recent years — among health care workers.

Chemical Accelerators - the Glove-Related Allergen of the ...

Type IV allergies represent up to 28% of glove-related reactions, and most are due to chemical accelerators. The Real Culprits If an individual wearing nitrile gloves develops dermatitis, they may believe that they have a nitrile allergy.

Allergic - Ohio State University

allergic reactions due to common everyday exposure. It is estimated that 8 to 17 percent of health care workers and 1 to 3 percent of the general population experience symptoms of a latex allergy.The increased use of latex gloves as a precaution to prevent HIV and viral hepatitis transmission is suspected as the cause for the increased

Latex allergy - Home |

low protein powder-free latex gloves or alternative products such as nitrile gloves. Seek specialist advice on glove selection if a worker is diagnosed as having a latex allergy. -providing information, instruction and training about: o. latex allergy and how to protect against it . For tasks involving chemical exposure, refer to the chemical’s

Preventing Allergic Reactions & Skin Irritation With Glove Use

Jan 19, 2018·Latex allergy is the most serious of these three reactions; it usually shows up immediately, but can in some instances, have a delayed reaction that occurs within 24 hours of exposure. Symptoms of a mild reaction are skin hives, redness and itching.


Allergic reactions appear when a person’s immune system reacts to nontoxic substances in the environment, in this case natural rubber latex (NRL). NRL gloves are the main source of allergic reactions. NRL is also used in a wide range of products, such as condoms and some medical devices. Latex is used in over 40,000 products with many ...

Allergic_Reactions_To_Latex_Gloves.txt - Title Allergic ...

Title: Allergic Reactions To Latex Gloves Word Count: 415 Summary: The natural rubber latex is a milky fluid which is derived from the rubber tree known as hevea brasiliensis. The gloves made from this natural rubber latex are known as Latex Gloves. These latex gloves can cause allergic reactions due to the proteins released by the latex. Health Problems Caused by wearing Latex Gloves For the ...

Latex or Synthetic Gloves? Risk Reduction Strategies

• Discuss the role of latex gloves in Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) allergy • Identify the prevalence and risks of acquiring a latex allergy • Differentiate 3 common types of latex reactions • Discuss management strategies for common types of latex reactions • Describe issues associated with latex gloves and glove powder

Nitrile vs Latex vs Vinyl Gloves: What's Right for You ...

Made in a lab, both nitrile and vinyl gloves provide allergy-free glove protection. About 1 to 6 percent of people in the U.S. have a latex allergy, but the statistic gets scary when you consider that you can develop the allergy at any time. People who work with latex the most are in the healthcare industry.

Allergic Reactions to Latex Gloves | MedTrainer

May 22, 2014·A recent Medical College of Wisconsin study noted that the best way to prevent sensitization to latex that leads to allergic reaction is to simply stop using powdered latex gloves. If this is done, allergens in the air and air ducts is reduced greatly and helps to prevent sensitization.

Latex Protein Allergy and Your Gloves - Kossan

What is latex allergy ? The three types of adverse reactions associated with latex gloves affecting some users are shown in Table 1. While the irritant contact dermatitis and Type IV hypersensitivity have been known for many years, that of Type I hypersensitivity emerged only in the late eighties.

3 Irritating Symptoms Caused By Nitrile Glove Allergies

Jan 28, 2015·3 Irritating Symptoms Caused By Nitrile Glove Allergies Although it's incredibly rare, it's still possible to develop allergies to nitrile gloves. If you recent switched to this type of glove material due to a reaction to latex gloves, keep your eye out for symptoms that point to a similar intolerance.


Type I allergy Adverse reactions to natural rubber latex (NRL) gloves can range from irritant contact dermatitis to serious allergic response such as anaphylaxis. Latex allergy also known as Type I allergy is a reaction to the residual allergenic proteins present in NRL products. After repeated exposure to NRL products, the immune system of

Antimicrobial Allergy From Polyvinyl Chloride Gloves ...

One patient had doubtful reactions to the glove, and in 3 patients the BIT-containing glove was negative for allergic reaction in the patch test. In the 2 positive cases, the connection between BIT allergy and the PVC gloves is probable. However, the other patients' negative patch test results do not exclude sensitization from the glove.

Understanding Latex Allergy in the Dental Setting – DENTAL …

1. Discuss historical events in the development of latex allergy among HCWs. 2. Explain three adverse reactions associated with the use of NRL. 3. List populations at risk for developing latex allergies. 4. Identify methods of testing available to diagnose latex allergy 5. Describe the problems encountered by individuals exposed to glove powder.

Latex glove allergies explained

A guide to latex glove allergies - what are the symptoms & how should we avoid allergic reaction?

Contact dermatitis to nitrile | DermNet NZ

Allergic contact dermatitis to nitrile is most likely in people who wear disposable nitrile rubber gloves. They have often chosen latex-free nitrile gloves because they also have latex allergy. The most commonly affected professions include healthcare workers (dentists, nurses, doctors), hairdressers, and …

Latex Allergy Management

Latex Allergy Management . Guidelines . Overview . Definition of Latex Allergy . In recent years, natural rubber latex (NRL or latex) allergy has been recognized as a significant problem for both patients and healthcare employees.1 Latex allergy is an IgE-mediated (immunologic) reaction to the proteins present in NRL that come from the milky ...

Do Nitrile Gloves Cause Allergic Reactions? - Omni ...

Dec 16, 2019·Because latex gloves cause allergic and non-allergic reactions, many people instead use alternative options like nitrile gloves.. But do nitrile gloves cause allergic reactions as well? Yes, they can. Some users of nitrile gloves have reported allergic reactions triggered by other antigens in the synthetic material but not by latex proteins, which cause latex allergies.

Allergy to Nitrile Gloves –

We know that nitrile gloves are typically utilized to avoid allergic reactions that arise from latex gloves. However, nitrile gloves come with their own set of cautions in regards to allergies, and this week at Your Glove Source, we want to make sure that you’re informed about how to protect yourself and your employees from nitrile allergies.